ATS/MTS - EV000017401
ATS/MTS - EV000017401

ATS/MTS - EV000017401

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ATS , MTS Panel, 2(2100*600*800)+2(2100*800*800)+(2100*400*800)+(2100*600*800) , Schneider CB 4P 1600A motorized (QTY2) , Manual change over switch 1600A 4P scomec (Qty2) outgoing Schneider CB 4P 1600A Manual + multimeter control with DSE 7320 controller +control req
  • Manufacturer : Mantrac - CSD, Egypt
  • Year of Production : 2010
  • Status : Unused
  • Item Location : Alexandria - Egypt
  • Stock Availability : Available for immediate shipping


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